Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another disappointment............

Believe it or not, my husband is still in the hospital. It's now 33 days. He was told that maybe he could come home tomorrow with IV and Home Care . He would have to be on IV for another two weeks to dispense the vancomycin and then would go to oral vancomycin. However, yesterday the infection flared up again at the pic line sight where he developed the MRSA. There is a blood clot there and it's also started to ooze again so he won't be coming home. He's trying so, so hard to stay up mentally but this is a big disappointment for both of us.
This weekend happens to be our July 1st , Canada Day celebrations and we had hoped we could have our own special celebration for his homecoming. My cousin is singing and doing a tribute to Gordon Lightfoot on Monday at our local park and bandstand and I hoped to take him and have a change of scenery.....Guess not.
Oh well, maybe I'll put a bit of a picnic together and take it up to the least he can have some home cooking if nothing else.

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