Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How does one say thank you????

I'm very tired at the moment and I think I'm running on adrenalin. I took some private quiet time today to just sit and ponder how grateful I am for the friends and family that have helped and continue to help me through this time.
Thank you says so much and yet so little.
Between neighbours cutting grass and bringing in garbage pails and bringing me meals and treats, family and friends that have helped me put my bathroom back together and functional, many emails and phone calls of concern and caring, visits to the hospital to see my husband and many offers to help any way they can, I feel so, so blessed. Saying thank you or sending a thank you card just seems rather inconsequential by comparison.
Although it's difficult at the moment, knowing family and friends care so deeply for both my husband and myself makes one feel so lucky.
I know there is no way I can repay all the kindnesses, but will try.
When the better times come, and they will I'm sure we will find a special way to say that thank you to so many.

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