Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pleasure vs. work........

I was thinking today how strange one's perception can be at times. Normally, I love to redecorate and create in my home as well as with my plates etc. Normally, I would have been so excited to renovate and redecorate our bathroom.
However, with my husband being so sick and the circumstances where I find myself having to finish this bathroom, it has become so tiresome and tedious. I'm almost there, thank goodness.
I have two more closet shelves to paint and the closet doors and that's it. Afterwards, I will need to find someone to help me reinstall the doors and help in putting the big mirror over the vanity back up.
Tomorrow I'm going to finish the painting, I hope.
My brother and sister-in-law have invited me to their place for BBQ ribs, etc and I'm really looking forward to that. I'll go see my husband and then head on out to their place. I made a chocolate pecan pie for our dessert. It's one of my sister-in-laws favourites.
When I went to see my husband today his arm infection was looking better. I hope by Monday it's OK and he can come home. I had to go buy him a sandwich and some berries for dessert down at the Tim Horton's coffee stand as his dinner that he got from the hospital was absolutely disgusting. It was some sort of fish that looked really bad and smelled even worse. He refused to eat it and I don't blame him one bit......I think hospital kitchen staff should be required to eat one meal of everything they attempt to feed patients. Maybe then, the quality of the food would improve...maybe.

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