Friday, June 27, 2008

NOT the Teddy Bear's Picnic...but a 'picnic' just the same

I decided today was the day that my husband needed a bit of a mental boost and some food that actually had some flavour to it....soooo, I packed a 'picnic' of sorts and took it to the hospital.
I even mixed up a couple of 'Sea Breezes' and brought fancy glasses along to drink out of. His appetite is still that of a bird, but I made my version of a Cobb Salad with chicken, standard garden salad stuff, avocado, hard cooked eggs, and grated cheese and brought him some Ranch dressing to have on it. He didn't want some fresh rolls but did want some Wheat Thins to have with it.
He really enjoyed it but still doesn't eat a lot at one time. He commented on how flavourful it was by comparison to what he usually gets.
I made little mini apple crisps for us but couldn't heat them and add ice cream but he only ate a little bit and said he'd save the rest for later. I suggested he ask the nurses to make him a cup of tea later to have when he finished it. He said that was an idea.
He said all three doctors were in today and they felt it was getting better and the main doctor said he'd be in on Monday to decide if he could go home then....gosh, I sure hope so.
There is just so much to get caught up on around the house and property but I can only do what I can do. I went out to look around the gardens today and just felt so bad at how grown up with weeds they've become in five weeks.
It's brutally hot here today and they say it's going to be that way over the entire long weekend. I don't care what needs to get done inside, I'm taking some time to enjoy and work outside a bit.
Most people have big plans for this long weekend so it should be quiet around here.
I plan to get caught up on a bit of sleep and then as a change of scenery, work on my plates that have been sadly neglected this last while. I really miss that time.

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