Thursday, June 12, 2008


The past few days have been stressful to say the least. Yesterday, I made the decision to fire my husband's doctor. I was not happy with the follow through or should I say the lack of follow through on many of my husband's health issues. So, after a very unpleasant conversation with his doctor I contacted the head of the hospital and notified them I wanted this particular doctor taken off my husband's case. The end result is he now has two doctor's. One a specialist in lungs and the other a specialist in bowel. Tonight, we are a little more informed of what is happening and not happening and as we now move forward we've been told there are still some issues that can't be answered as yet. What we know for sure is he will be on injections for three to six months to prevent any more blood clots in his lungs. Because this happened less than two years ago he will be on Coumadin for the rest of his life and will need blood work weekly to adjust the medication as necessary. As yet, we do not know if he will come home with an oxygen tank and if so for how long. Each time he has these health episodes it gets more risky each time. His lungs are still a long way from being OK but I feel better now that we have a qualified specialist on board. My only regret is taking a few days too long to get rid of the doctor he had. By comparison, the nurses have been more than wonderful and their care and compassion has been so reassuring.
Sadly, we had to cancel a houseboat trip we had been looking forward to this summer but the priority at the moment is getting my husband back to as normal a life as possible.
As for me, I'm tired, frustrated, and although I'm usually not a worrier, I am worried on so many levels about the future for my husband and for us.

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