Friday, June 20, 2008

I apologize.........

Let me begin this by apologizing to all those in 'blogland' who are having a much worse time than my husband and me. Sometimes we all get a little too self absorbed in our own issues and certainly that has been so in my case the past month.
Yes, our lives are a bit tough at the moment, but there are so many out there having it much tougher. To say I understand completely isn't entirely true. No one can understand to any degree what someone else may be going through. For the most part, I've handled stress and trouble fairly well in my life. This time, however, not so.
My husband had another setback and won't be coming home for a few days yet. Today, he's been in the hospital 28 days.
This has been a real test. One day I feel I've passed with flying colours. Then I have day when I think to myself, I could have done better.
My two daughters have made me very proud in their strength and support. I guess there were some things I did right raising them as they are pretty amazing people.

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