Monday, June 30, 2008

No, not today!

My husband DID NOT get home today! They've assured him it will be tomorrow, but we'll see.
I just can't believe it. Today, the doctor that needed to show up to do the final set and ordering of the vancomycin at home, decided not to come in today in spite of telling my husband he'd definitely be in on Monday..............NOT!!! I hope this will all get straightened out for tomorrow.

It has been a bit frustrating the past few days. The Etsy website has some sort of problem and I haven't been able to access any part of it. I called the Brooklyn, NY office today and apparently some sort of bug got into their system. I was told they have most of the USA up and running again but it will take another 36 - 72 hours for international locations....oh well, technology...gotta love it!

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