Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A better day.............

Well, after yesterday, my day was somewhat better. This morning friends (former neighbours) from British Columbia dropped by for a visit. We then went up to see my husband who's still in the hospital and then out for a mid afternoon late lunch, early dinner and then I went back to the hospital to spend more time with my husband. This has been a really difficult time. They are not planning on letting him out of the hospital until Thursday or Friday now. Both doctors aren't happy with his oxygen levels yet and they are still trying to adjust the blood thinning medications. They told my husband today that they are waiting for the CEA test results ( cancer predictor ) to see if they will again need to adjust. If the test is positve, that will indicate a new strategy will be required. He was a bit discouraged, once again that he can't come home. This coming Monday, he will have been in the hospital a month. We have been told he will absolutely have to come home with oxygen and time will tell if it's permanent or not. If he's on oxygen, it eliminates a lot of things he can do....like mow the lawn, work with anything flamable, etc.
Tonight I took him off the floor and down one level where there's a Tim Horton's coffee stand and bought him a coffee and a donut. At this stage of the game, that's a real treat for him. I left him with some money and got approval for him to leave the floor once in a while. Although he's in the new hospital, he had no idea of where anything was or the layout so we went on a tour. He enjoyed that. It's a little more pleasureable for him as the new hospital has provided laptop computers at each bed which provides TV, internet and telephone capabilities for the patients.... a wonderful distraction. He called me tonight to tell me one of my favourite Canadian comedians, Ron James had a special. I got to see some of it and then the phone kept ringing. Our friends from Ohio called to check how he was doing and to say they were having a great time in the Florida Keys at the moment.....they needed a break as well.
Tomorrow I'm going to make cookies to take to the nurses...they have simply been amazing.
My neighbour cut our lawn again today and has offered to try and put our BBQ back together, since my husband had dismantled it and was about to refurb it when he took ill. I look forward to being able to BBQ again, SOON!.

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