Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm back..........

I'm back. It's been a bit of a wild time with me having my surgery and my husband having his. I'm fairing better than him. I'm fairly close to being back to normal ( there are those out there that might question that ) but my husband still has some recuperating to do. He's now been in the hospital nine days and it doesn't look like he'll get out for a few more days.
All I can say is we are so blessed. We have had so much support from friends and family.
My cousin drove me two hours to the hospital for my surgery, my sister-in-law came to stay with me for the first 24 hours, our neighbours have checked in on me and cut our grass for us, and many others have both phoned and emailed to check on our well-being.
As different as each member of my family are, I'm so blessed to have them nearby and to know that I'm so loved.
Our daughters have been checking on both of us and like ourselves are so relieved we have a wonderful network of support to help us.
My cousin's husband and his son-in-law came yesterday and didn't leave until almost 2 am. this morning and finished the tile work on the walls and floor of our bathroom.
We may not be rich from a monetary standpoint, but we sure are rich with people around us who care and love us. Isn't that what's really important in life?

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