Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just can't believe it, but I've picked up another head cold....darn it all! Apparently, this cold going around is nasty that keeps coming back...kind of like a bad penny.
Oh well, unless I get really brutal, I don't have time right now to stop. The next few days, I'm going to network, network, network to get some appointments regarding my event planning business I'm just getting off the ground.
Since Saturday is Valentine's Day, I'm taking my husband tomorrow to a tea room here in town called the MAGIC ROLLING PIN........just a wonderful experience! It turns out that the couple that run it, he is also in the woodturner's club with my husband. It should be fun as both he and his wife will be there tomorrow. Aside from having a nice lunch, I hope to network and hand out a few cards and my husband will get a chance to get caught up with his woodturning buddy. This particular man has won all kinds of awards for his woodturning and gets very good money for his pieces. His wife is amazing as well and for sure will win some food and restaurant awards. Both have been working so hard since they opened this place earlier last year. She was telling me they work about 16 - 18 hours per that's dedication!..and it shows. They also do catering and custom orders for corporate people as well. You would think they have a whole team but it's just her and her husband that do all the baking and cooking. This couple are only a couple of years younger than my husband and I......whew! I thought I was busy!
Lastly, I want to wish my son-in-law in North Carolina a Happy 38th Birthday! He's one of the good guys.

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