Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting ready to launch...........

my event planning business. Over the years, I've organized so many events pertaining to my employment and on a volunteer basis.
With the help of a special person here in town who used to be a pivotal part of business development for our city it's been determined that this is something I could definitely do. Why, you ask? Well, even though my husband and I have retired, we're finding it difficult to live the way we'd like to live. We are a shining example of people who didn't plan for the future well enough.
I wanted something that would generate decent income and yet give me the flexibility to still do the photography and plates which are my absolute passion. If I can get three or four contracts per year it would help our financial situation. There so many things I still want to do, so many places I still want to go, and especially have the money and time to go see my daughter's, their husbands, and my little grandchildren before the grandchildren get too old to care about 'Grammie'....I miss them.
I just got my business card today and the same etsy shop owner (FlashwithClass) that helped me with the card is designing me a 'brand' or 'logo' to put on various items. My business is called "iMAGine Events". I'm almost finished two more plates so will complete my goal this week...yeah!
I already have two appointments so we'll see what happens.

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