Monday, February 2, 2009


Family breakfast which is always enjoyable. My husband has to go to a local electric store to get something and then on the way home I'm taking my computer back to the computer repair place that put my new hard drive in to get more ram added...apparently, I've used up most of what I have....don't need more computer problems.
I spent some of today going back and forth with my Etsy designer choice for my new business card and new logo related to the event planning venture I'm about to embark on. I'm looking forward to see the end result. As if I don't have enough to I nuts? Think so. When do you get to relax once you've retired???
I sold another photo so will print and get in the mail. I bought some better quality photo paper today and also purchased an archival pen to sign my photos.
Tomorrow I hope to being learning the Adobe Photoshop...wish me luck.
If any of my Etsy friends read this and have tips or suggestions to speed up the learning curve..........I'm all ears and eyes! Why does all this 'stuff' intimidate me??? Where's that psychiatrist when you need them?? Not much else has ever intimitdated me........why this?

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