Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time alone....

Although I'm a very social person, I find as I get older, that I really treasure alone time. It allows for calm, clearer thinking, and peace and quiet. Somehow, it's a rejuvenating process just being with one's own mind.
My husband has been away since Thursday and although it's different when we're together, I so love having no one else's schedule to worry about, not having to make dinner if I don't want and just eating what I feel like, and having a complete day to it!
The coffee chat that I went to yesterday was so enjoyable. I had the opportunity to meet some new women who are exploring some of their own passions. It is so uplifting and morale boosting to speak with other women that want to succeed in what they are doing as well. Enthusiasm was rampant! It was held at a B&B that is run by an amazing woman. Aside from running the B&B, she is an actress, a singer and is doing production work as well. She's also really upfront, honest and funny. The other women were an animal therapist for horses and dogs and cats. She also draws in pencil from photos peoples pets that are SO realistic. There was a writer, an artist that does dream catchers and paints botanicals, and another woman that ties intricate art flies that are stunning. We are planning to keep this up on a fairly regular basis. I think I'll hold the next one.
This week I have two meetings in regards to my start up event planning business. Although it will take a while, I feel pretty optimistic that there will be some opportunities come along. I need to find those opportunities though. I'm excited to see what's around the corner!


Audrey said...

I totally understand wanting time alone. Hubby works seasonal so is home all winter. After being alone all day for 7 months - it's tough getting used to having him home all the time. So I love to go for coffee or lunch with friends and try to do it almost once a week.

Marg Hamilton said...

My husband spent 30+ years travelling Monday to Friday for his job so I basically had two lives...when he retired four years ago it was way more difficult for me than me, we had some pretty intense conversations about expectations.