Thursday, February 19, 2009

Got the ball rolling for....

my new event planning business. I met with the business development agency for our area and was helped with a lot of the legal and tax issues and what I need to get done in that area.
In the afternoon, met with a banker who is very up on the business and social networks in our city and he was very helpful with contact names, tips, and feedback from events he's planned within the bank. His bank would not have any use for my service, most likely, as they handle the events and marketing within the local bank and support from the Head Office. He also suggested I look at just doing segments of particular events where someone needs specific help.. good idea to go after that type of business as well.
Both of my contacts yesterday highly recommended joining the Chamber of Commerce which is something I will definitely do shortly. It serves many purposes to do so for all the businesses I'm involved in and this city has a really active Chamber.
I'm SO excited as I sold four photos yesterday on my Etsy, Maggie's Studio site and will get those shipped out today. I had a conversation with another really successful photographer on Etsy who also is Canadian and she encouraged me to stick with it and don't give up. That was her number one tip was perseverance and patience.
She's doing so well, she was able to quit a full-time job to follow her passion. I say,"Hooray, for her"!
I registered with two more websites who feature photographers and different artists types. One is US Trendy and the other is a Team within Etsy called Design Style Guide. Each of these I hope will assist me moving forward to some degree and I hope to learn even more.

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