Friday, February 20, 2009

T.G.I.F. !

My 'to do' list didn't get completed but I still feel pretty good. I spent a big portion of my day on the phone with both the provincial and federal governments trying to ensure that my business registration and the tax requirements that go along with that were correct and required.
It's funny how times have changed. Used to be when you called any government agency, you got some miserable person who had no desire to really help. Nowadays, my dealings have proved exactly the opposite. It's tedious trying to get through to the actual people you need to talk with, but when you do, it's so refreshing. I believe they really go out of their way now to answer all my stupid and not so stupid questions...whew, what a relief to have that segment of my plan over with!
Tomorrow, I'll tackle more computer work, but we're going to a friends for dinner and hiking a trail with them first....sure hope it warms up because it's really, really bitter cold here today.

At this stage of winter you really do start to get 'cabin fever'...well, I do, anyway. Where's a tropical island when you need one?

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