Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Took a break...........

I've been going at a crazy pace, so decided to take a break from everything yesterday. One of my cousins came out in the afternoon and we talked and talked and talked... oh, yeah had a few giggles as well. I made dinner and dessert and then we talked some more. We both then watched 'The Bachelor' (Yes, I'm admitting it) and then went to bed.
Up real early this morning to go to family breakfast and after I do a couple of things here, I am leaving for Toronto to pick up my husband at the airport.
We're spending the night with some friends in that area and home after my doctor's appointment tomorrow.
I guess I'll actually get back to doing some work on my shops and my new event planning business on Thursday.
At the moment, I already could use a nap!
Sometimes you just have to walk away from what you're doing in order to appreciate what you're doing!

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