Monday, February 23, 2009

INSPIRATION.....Who was or is yours?

Each day I post an inspirational quote on my blog. I got thinking that it would be interesting and maybe inspirational to ask various people who was or is their inspiration.
I will post when I hear from the various people I plan to ask. Hopefully, they will be willing to share. I'm going to begin with the individuals that are my blog followers. I'm so looking forward to hearing who has helped them along the way.
I'm going to ask my two daughters, as I know there has been very special people that inspired them. Hopefully they'll share as well. As of now, I haven't asked them but will do so. Many times they were my inspiration and kept me going through some tough times. My oldest daughter is one of my blog followers as well. My youngest daughter isn't into 'blogging' but I'm hoping she'll share her inspiration.
Can't wait to hear all the different stories. Where would any of us be without that one particular person(s) that inspired us for reasons they may not even know.
What or who inspires you? ...go ahead, leave a comment.


Jay Neale III said...

In addition to the bit you published about me tonight I find your blog to be very inspiring!

Marg Hamilton said...

Thank you Jay! I appreciate the nice words.