Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chamber of Commerce..........

My day started out with my computer guru coming to clean my computer up and to answer a bunch of questions I needed to get answered. A lot of computer 'geeks' aren't so great at explaining what they're doing and showing you so the next time an incident happens one might actually be able to correct on one's own. My girl is actually so patient and great at the explanations.
I had many little errands to get accomplished in town. Now that we're down to one vehicle, we have to be so good talking to each other and ensuring we don't overlap or double book. Today was my day for the car.
I finally signed to a one year membership to our local Chamber of Commerce. The word is this is one of the most organized and strong Chamber's in the area. There is approximately 1100 members which is really quite large. This allows for huge networking possibilities for my event planning business. This is a very enthusiastic group of people!

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