Sunday, March 8, 2009

A weekend of nice weather....

This has been an above average warm weekend...what a pleasure after all the cold, snow, sleet, ice, etc. Having said that, we're back to normal tonight with a freezing sleet hitting the windows as I write this...oh well, nice while it lasted. I suspect we'll get at least one more snow storm before we see the end of winter..hopefully, only one.
It's so less stressful now that my husband is participating in the mundane duties of the house. He chose to change the bedding once a week, do the laundry and do the vacuuming as his tasks and that has helped a lot.
It allows us more time (well, me anyway)and I certainly don't feel as stressed or as resentful.
We took the time today to take a one hour walk together. We are trying to get better about walking for both our sakes. We have a local friend we try to walk with a few days a week as well. Sometimes all three of us walk, sometimes just my husband and her, and sometimes it's the girls only. Tomorrow is 'girls only' as my husband has to go to the Toronto area and get some engraving done on some pens he's turned and a couple of wooden boxes. My husband has just finished turning a pen order that is to be engraved and given to the Prime Minister of Canada...that's pretty cool! He hopes he gets a photo of the presentation when it happens.
Tonight, I spent the night baking. My girlfriend and her husband have returned from Mexico and are coming for dinner this week. I also want to take some baking and cooking down to my daughter's in two weeks. She lives in New Jersey and can't wait to see both of our grandchildren as my oldest daughter is coming from North Carolina for a visit as well. I love spending time with my daughter's. I feel we aren't as close as I'd like, but I don't believe it's anything other than the distance that is the reason. I hope that's the case. At times, we have disagreements but I'm proud that they are so intelligent and dynamic in their own right. I hope they feel the same of their mother.
We did manage to get on webcam with our grandaughter today. She is getting just so darn cute! I see so much of my daughter in her...both in looks and temperment. Omg, lots of challenges ahead, I think!

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