Saturday, March 28, 2009

A PLEASANT DAY ...after a rough week

Started the day with a nice leisurely coffee,browsing the paper, and then after a nice long shower got dressed and went to town with my husband. We went to Home Depot to purchase a door, etc. to finally close in my craft room. We couldn't find pre-hung and we couldn't find prepainted as I wanted the french type door with all the panes of glass. My craft room is in the basement and I only have one small window so wanted light from inside the house to help add more light into the room. It's probably going to take a week or two to get it hung as it all has to be painted first. As we were getting ready to leave, we ran into my Dad. He invited us to join him for lunch at Red Lobster(he loves that place) so we agreed. I don't spend much time with my father so it was nice to spend a bit of time with him. He will be 90 years old this year and still is driving and living on his own....gosh, hope those genes bode well for me!
For the rest of the afternoon, we worked out in the yard and got most of the major gardens on our property cleaned off and it was so exciting to realize the crocuses were coming up and we can see the hostas just beginning to peak through.
We spent about 4 hours at it and by the time we were finished, neither one of us could barely move!
Just snacked tonight as we were both still stuffed from lunch. My husband did laundry on and off all day and I did some paperwork that needed doing.
I sure hope there's more weather like we had to day going to continue...wonderful.
I really do have to get making some more plates, but if the weather stays great, I'll only work on that type of thing in the evenings so I can also enjoy this amazing weather.

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