Friday, March 20, 2009


Tomorrow morning we leave for New Jersey to spend four days visiting our family. Sadly, my son-in-law from North Carolina can't make it, but my oldest daughter and my grandson are flying up to spend a couple of days as well. An added bonus is our friend from England will be there as well so it's like a little mini reunion.
Our lives are just that...our lives. Their lives are their lives. At times I get a bit sad that we all don't live closer, but that's the way it is...and all we can do is try to enjoy what time we do get together.
They are very blessed children and really don't want for a thing, but being their 'Grammie', I have to bring them something. In my opinion, you can never have enough books, so that's what I bring them. As my daughter's say," they don't NEED anything".
Aside from the 'little ones' I really miss my daughters as well. We used to be so close and I so enjoyed when we'd have days to just 'hang out'. Each is so different from the other and both bring such special things to our one on one relationship. They both have really, really busy lives. They both have incredibly responsible careers and then they have husbands to spend time with and then to balance the very important time the little ones need. At time I wish I was closer to help, but that isn't going to happen. We live in two different countries and lots of miles between us.
I tell myself all of these situations are for very special reasons, I just haven't figured out the reasons as yet.
We are all very strong women, so maybe if we lived close to each other, it wouldn't be as great as I imagine it could be.
For now, I'll appreciate every minute I get with each of them...they are all so special in their own right and I love them immensely.

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