Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Retirement.....I don't think so!

My life is wonderful but crazy at the moment. Retirement for me means putting in an average of 8 - 14 hours a day, depending on what I'm up to on a given day. I'm trying to make plates ( at least a couple per week), doing my photography(camera goes almost everywhere with me), editing my photography, maintaining two web stores, trying to develop a new event planning business, cooking, baking, cleaning(now with the help of my husband). I'm currently looking at another 4 - 5 sites to post my work which will add more maintenance time. That's the basic days I put in. Along with that, we have guests from time to time for two - seven days at a time and I love doing that as well when the opportunity presents itself. We also manage to host friends and family for dinners. I try to have someone at least once or twice a month.
This year I already am committed to a trip to my youngest daughter's in mid March(yeah! my oldest daughter and my grandson are coming too), a coffee morning with other women artists in the area, an Artisan Meet n' Greet I'm planning and hosting for my local area in May, a trip to Ohio in June, doing photography for a wedding in August,and have already committed to two Christmas show and sales in November and early December and doing a tree for our Festival of Trees in November as well. That's just what I'm already committed to and who knows what else will come along.
RETIREMENT.....I don't think so! The difference is I'm doing what I love for the most part.
I'm not complaining as I'm so grateful for my life. Many facets of it could be better but when you look around and you hear what others are going through...shame on me if I complain!


pillowthrowdecor said...

Hey Maggie!

I am in similar shoes as you. It is nice to read about someone else changing gears. Takes a lot of courage. Horay for you!

Starting an Etsy Shop and stocking it with pillows and throws is a full time effort but so much fun with a lot of really neat interesting people! Good luck... see you on the front page one day!

Good for you and cheers in your "retirement".

Marg Hamilton said...

Hey there, pillowthrowdecor...thank you so much for the encouragement. I would say 'back at you'. I will do take a look at your shop, for sure. I love to decorate my home and although most of it is finished, I still have rooms to do, eventually. Time is spent with my etsy shops right now and my event planning business. Again, thank you SO much. Best wishes!