Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last night I kept thinking of all the things I should do or could do. Then the local news came on and said a town about half hour away was holding a Maple Syrup Festival!
Why not? I just felt like I wanted a change of scenery so we decided to go. What fun!
It's a small, quaint Ontario town with some really beautiful old, well-maintained homes and some really quaint shops. The weather was perfect with a great mix of sun and that spring type crisp weather.
We walked into lots of really neat galleries, artsy fartsy type shops and saw some really incredible work by local artists. From my point of view, it was worth it from a sales perspective as well. I now have about four more shops to call and sell my photography..if I don't try, I'll never know. Also, found out I can enter a county wide juried show next year and got the application for that as well.
This little town had the most wonderful local bakery. My husband and I spoke to the baker and then proceeded to buy four different loaves of bread that looked so delicious. (We ate one small loaf ourselves tonight with some three-creme brie.)
We then drove out to the sugar bush farm and they were serving pancakes and sausages all day with hot drinks and of course, their own maple syrup. It was a very large operation...but for the sake of tourists, etc had an area where they were still boiling the sap in the old iron kettles over open wood fires. The smells of the wood burning, the smell of the woods was so enticing. They had horse drawn wagons driving people through the sugar bush and explaining the sugar process while adding little humerous quips in between. Children running around all excited, a local country and western band playing and singing and then an area where you could buy fresh maple taffy made over fresh delicious! We then went into the store and purchased some cooking grade syrup. I make maple chicken wings and the darker the syrup, the better.
All the walking and fresh air, I'm worn out tonight.
Glad we did it!

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