Monday, March 9, 2009


It's just barely Monday, but my day is full tomorrow so wanted to make sure I got this inspiration contribution posted.
This is Kim. Her shop is ... she does lovely jewellry so take the time to go visit her shop.

Here is her contribution...

I am inspired by everything from Nature, to books, to family, colors, light, beads. I have been beading for over 18 years, I have an endless supply of ideas, and never enough time to make them all. Here is an example of something that inspired me. I had been reading to my 7yr old daughter a series of fairy stories, she was going thru that phase. When in the moment, I was thinking how I can make something with that feel, what would it be like. I ended up making a fabulous new design of jewelry. Instead of a fairy ring of mushrooms, I made a flower ring and used over one hundred little beaded flowers and made a necklace out of it. So this shows you that the simple task of reading to your child can inspire you. I have many moments in life like this, as I think anyone can be inspired by just about anything if they keep their mind open to it.
Thanks again

Here is the link to the piece of jewellry she created....


Audrey said...

What a lovely post!! This is a wonderful way to feature shops.

kimforbeads said...

Thanks so much for your lovely blog and featuring my article.