Tuesday, March 24, 2009

INSPIRATION # 5......Linda Faigen

This is one of my favourite shops and people.........

Her jewellry is wonderfully made and so creative. I have my own favourite pieces and certainly at some point will hope to purchase a piece.
Aside from her amazing talents, she too, is very gracious about featuring really incredible artists she has either admired from afar or knows personally.

Linda's inspiration in her own words....
I thought about your request for info on what my inspiration is. I had never thought about it before. I started making hair sticks a few years ago as an attempt to do something to earn a living that didn't involve wearing pantyhose, suits and heels to an office. I wear hair sticks and think they're such a great invention. After a while, I decided I wanted to make necklaces, too so I began doing that as well.

I have always been a bit artistic and creative. I paint, sculpt, write, do needlework, bead weave, make stained glass windows, and other things, but I never found any art form or craft that I was satisfied with or was really all that great at. I have recently discovered that I am pretty good at making hair sticks, jewelry and jeweled magic wands and perhaps most importantly, I enjoy making them.

On the question of inspiration for each piece I make, I design backwards. I don't think up a design and then go get the materials to make it. I collect materials that I like and then pick and choose from those materials to come up with a design. I have thousands of beads, gemstones, findings, metal rings, etc. and when I'm ready to make things, I start weeding through them picking out the ones that I think will make something pretty.

Sometimes I make something and think it's terrible when I'm finished. I take it apart and try something else. But usually I manage to come up with something pretty good. One thing I've learned is that everyone doesn't like the same things that I do. I try to make things in colors I don't even like but I think I do a better job with materials and colors I DO like.

Please visit her shop at www.lfaigen.etsy.com
and if you wish to read some really interesting blog articles her blog is:


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