Friday, May 22, 2009

140th BIRTHDAY..........

We will be leaving shortly to attend our friend's 140th birthday celebration. We got the invite stating they were celebrating their 140th birthday which was such a unique idea, I thought. Their birthdays are very close together and so they combined their ages and announced it as such. I've put a gift basket together as they have most everything they need or want. My husband turned a wooden bowl for them and then I filled it with unique foodstuffs, etc of items I know they'll enjoy. We are driving up to Milton where they live and on the way making a few other stops. We will be back late tonight. This couple were originally from Norway and met when they were young. He moved to Canada and married and had two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last. He then took a trip back to Norway to visit family and met his childhood sweetheart and the rest as they say, is history. They reconnected, she moved to Canada and they got married and are so, so happy. It's one of those happy ending stories. He will be 71 and she will be 69 and they are so interesting and very special friends. He used to work with my husband and they've stayed connected for all these years. We are very different couples and yet we really, really enjoy spending time with them. They are always doing something or going somewhere and age certainly hasn't slowed them down one bit! They are another couple we are blessed to call 'friends'.

To all of our American friends and family, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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