Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is a long weekend in both Canada and the USA. Tomorrow we will go to Kingston and spend the evening and overnight with a girl my husband used to work with and we will go to a club in Kingston where an amazing, amazing blues singer named Georgette Fry sings every Thursday night. We are then going to take a few days to go see some friends in Brockville, which is about three hours away from here. These are long time friends and sadly, we haven't seen them for almost two years.
They have an absolutely beautiful home with a large property that is right on the St. Lawrence River. It's so wonderful to sit out on their deck or in their sunroom and watch the freighters and boats drift it! One of my dreams would be to have a property on the water. We have lots and lots of lakes around us,but we don't live right on the water. Oh well! :(
Although, I have so much to get accomplished, just for this weekend I plan to let it all go to have a great time with some great friends.
Everyone, have a great long weekend! The weather is looking a little ominous, but have fun no matter what!

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