Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, this morning was my 'Keene Artists Meet and Greet Brunch' held here in our home. The weather didn't cooperate as it has poured rain for the past two days, nevertheless 17 people came and we all had a terrific time! There was two woodworkers, two woodcarvers,three fabulous oil painters, two acrylic and water colour painters, a quilter, a sculptor,a mutimedia specialist, a weaver and rug hooker,a woman who handpaints on silk scarves, a tole painter, an illustrator, and a woman who designs and makes amazing lamp shades. We got to network with each other and there is now a supportive network to help each other get their art 'out there'.
The feedback from each before they left was so positive and all were so thankful that we held this brunch and commented on what a terrific idea.
We then went to see the new 'Canal St. Gallery' that is in Lang,a village just north of Keene for their Grand Opening today. We met two more women who own and run this new gallery. It's a blend of antiques and then they plan to add to the local artists works in the gallery. They, too, will be another resource for all the local artists. I'm taking some of my work in for her to see in a couple of weeks. I'm providing them with a list of all the artists that were here at the brunch and they will in turn contact them about their shop. A mission accomplished.
I'm really tired now, but am so happy I put this event together for many reasons.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and for me it's just like any other day pretty much. There is too much distance between me and my daughters. I send them both cards as they, too, are now mothers. I wonder where their children will be when they are my age. I'll never know as I certainly won't be around by then. I must admit I was a bit envious of the women here this morning who have their children close by and were telling what has been planned for them tomorrow... hopefully, they'll have nice weather for some of their plans involving outdoors.

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