Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, the weather didn't cooperate too much the four days we were away. Nevertheless, we had a great time catching up with some long time friends. We spent one night in Kingston with a friend (she used to work with my husband) and we met her 'new man'. She has been struggling with some health issues and yet she insists on fighting on despite the pain she is in most of the time. As long as we've known her, she's never been a quitter on any level. We went out for dinner and then to a nightclub in Kingston called 'Brandees' where we had a few drinks and listened to one of our absolute favourite blues/jazz singers and her band. Her name is Georgette Fry. If you go to her website at www.georgettefry.ca you can get more info and even purchase her music.Wonderful!
We spent a lot of time eating, drinking and just catching up with our other friends in Brockville. Sunday, the weather cleared up enough to go to a little tourist town about one half hour away called 'Westport' where lots of really cute and interesting and eclectic shops have opened up. I got SO excited as I had my first Chip truck french fries of the year. We have a lot of 'Chip trucks' in our various tourist towns and they make the BEST french fries ever..yum! It's silly, but it's a highlight of the season for me when I can buy french fries from one of these trucks.
We then spent most of Monday before heading home on the new deck our friends have built along the whole length of their house. Stunning view to the river from the top deck and then they added a complete lower level deck and tied it into an enclosed hot tub underneath they already had. We watched about a couple of freighters go by and I saw a rower training as well. There is often a power boat or a sea-doo or sailboat passing by as well. When you look across the St. Lawrence River you are looking at the USA. It was so pleasant sitting on the upper deck sipping morning coffee and talking. Their daughter had come home from Ottawa for a day or so and she has grown into such a wonderful woman now with great attitude and enthusiasm. Her parents are so rightly proud of her.
We had a wonderful time with some wonderful friends. Hopefully, it won't be so long between visits the next time!

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