Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is a perfect day as far as I'm concerned. The sun is out, it's warm, and there is just a light breeze to help keep the bugs away. Some of the work we've done to the gardens is paying off big time with lots of colour. It cheers me up.
My rock garden is doing beautifully and I took some pictures to have a permanent record of the beauty. This afternoon, I'm planting some more bright pink and white phlox (the creeping kind) and I purchased some lime green stonecrop that also creeps to add even more colour to the rock garden. I'm after lots of colour, impact and a goal to have it so full and robust that no weeds can get established. I've included a picture of some of my rock garden. It is on the slope of the hill and runs almost 70 feet long. A lot of work, but SO worth it. In about another week, it will be even better and in a month all of the lavender plants will be in bloom and then is stunning!
Tonight I plan to watch the finale of American Idol and will work on some plates that I have custom orders for and need to complete.
I baked this morning as my husband is having the executive of his Woodturning Guild here for a meeting tomorrow and the host usually provides cheese,crackers,fruit and some sort of dessert. We'll get everything ready tonight so I can take off tomorrow while the guys have their meeting. I need to go shopping for some stuff for a birthday gift.
Our friends in Milton are celebrating a joint '140th' Birthday Party on Friday afternoon and we will attend. Their birthday's are fairly close together so they decided to have a joint celebration. She will be 69 and he will be 71 thus the 140th.
Should be great fun! We're only going up for the afternoon and evening and back that night.


Marlo Gaddis said...

Garden looks great, Mom!

Marg Hamilton said...

Thank you, Marlo. It looks even better this week.