Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!

Well, finally my husband got the OK to come home. He's very weak and he didn't realize how weak until he got home and tried to just walk our yard and had to stop a couple of times.
He will be on Home Care Nursing for the next three weeks as he is now on an electronic pump for his IV that administers the Vancomycin. It's a rather complicated system and we hope nothing goes wrong, but for tonight we hope it all works well. It's always tough when you're on something new and it doesn't go the way it's suppose to run. He tells me it's hurting a bit at the moment so we'll keep an eye on it prior to going to bed. Both the home care nurse and the company that provides the electronic pump are on 24 hour call...thank goodness!
As I thought he needed both a treat and a bit of walking exercise, we just walked down to our little local restaurant ( about 200 yards or so ) and had a small pizza. My husband only ate one small piece. For those who know my husband, that's unheard of! He weighed about 245 lbs when he went into the hospital and tonight I weighed him and he was 217 lbs...so he's lost almost 30 lbs.....one heck of a diet!
He's home and we pray he keeps improving....it was very emotional for him to arrive home after 36 days. A VERY HAPPY CANADA DAY FOR US!

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