Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, if everything goes according to plan, I may have a car by the end of the day.
My girlfriends mother is suppose to sell me her car as she turns 85 years old the first of May and doesn't want to retake the driver's test. In Ontario. Canada after one turns 80 years old, they are required to retake the test and have an eye exam every two years.
This is tough, as she really doesn't want to let go of the car, but her family are insisting on it. Their reasoning is because she had a back injury a few months ago, her reaction times aren't good enough to be driving. I so understand where she's coming from though! It's that sense of freedom one has when you can get into a car and go when and where you want.
It's a 1999 Ford Escort wagon, which wouldn't be my first choice by any means, but it's only got 37,000 kms. on it and is in great shape. I drove it this week and although it's a pretty basic car, it drives quite well. No power key entry, no power windows, seats, etc. BUT it does have air conditioning. It only has a cassette tape player in it, but I think that can be changed out.
She's selling it to me at a really reasonable price, but I feel a bit guilty knowing she's being forced to sell it.
On the other side of this situation, I will finally have a car again. Omg! It's a sense of freedom for me and I'm sure happy about that! Since I can't afford a newer car, this is a blessing for me.

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