Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Event Planning.......taking a lot of my time

As I've already posted, I'm trying to get a new event planning business off the ground. I'm finally making some concrete steps toward getting this up and running.
I spoke with a woman today who has had a successful business doing the decor side of local events and has a great reputation. We talked for quite some time today and have decided it's worthwhile for us to meet. She's actually looking for someone she feels comfortable with to work in tandem with her and her business....maybe opportune timing! She does a lot of weddings and corporate type events and has had clients ask her to do more of the planning. At this point, she'd rather focus on the core of her business which is the design,supply and setup of the decor part of events.
She is also in the Chamber of Commerce and has many names of people I should both meet and speak with so it's looking positive.
My focus now, I believe, is writing a set business plan and deciding if I should get some minimal financing. I will call and set up with the local Business Development Corporation to assist me in moving this whole process further along.
I felt really positive after the conversation today.
The next step for me is to purchase a vehicle as I can't possibly run this business without my own car. Gosh, it will be great to have the freedom having one's own vehicle brings! Freedom...what a wonderful word!

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