Sunday, April 19, 2009


They say if you learn one new thing a day, it's a good day! Well, today I learned a number of new things.
I spent the morning calling the rest of the local artisans to invite to my 'Keene artist get acquainted brunch' I'm holding on May 9th. It's fascinating how many artsy type there are in this little village!
I learned there is a business expo being held at the arena tomorrow to find out all the new business plans for the village. I learned there is a new local artisan's gallery opening May 5th in the little village beside us. That information turned into an invite to bring some of my plates and photography to their store in the next week or two and they will select possibly some items of mine to include in the store. The primary focus is interior decorating and local artisans to promote.
I've learned we have an amazing cross section of artists in this village from quilters, water colour artists, artists who paint in oil, graphic designers, gourmet cook and cooking school and writers and photographers and woodworkers, and floral designers and folk artists, and jewellry designers and weavers, etc. Pretty amazing for a little village of approximately 1400.
I learned that many people walk in this village at various times of the day and that many told me today, they admire our gardens and love to see what we'll do next.
I learned that someone is actually taking over the 'Village Tea Room' which has been open and closed a few times just since we moved here. The good news is the people who've taken it over are descendants of the original owners. When I was a kid the people who owned the tea room were friends of my parents. Once a month, we got treated to the tea room after church on a Sunday. These new owners intend to make it the classy tea room it used to be long ago....exciting!
The rest of the day I worked on my huge rock garden and now I can barely move! Oh yeah!, I learned I'm getting old!

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