Friday, April 10, 2009


On my one hour walk today, for some strange reason, I got thinking about an article I read quite some time ago where this woman got to thinking about her name and how many other women in the world held the same name. She decided to take it further and searched out others with the same name as her and discovered there were amazing similarities in their lives, their personalities and circumstances. In some cases, she discovered, if they had the same birth date, even more was similar. She wrote this article called, "What's in a name" and I'm sorry I've forgotten her name but it was a brilliant and fascinating article.
Walking today, I got thinking and wondering how many Margaret's there are in the world. Do you suppose the same would hold true for my name? sure would be fun to delve into this theory further. Where does one begin? For me, I feel my blog is the first step....let's see what I find out here and go from there.
So to all the Margaret's that may possibly read this, please leave a comment. If you wish to continue to communicate please email me. This has the potential of being a fascinating adventure!

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