Monday, April 6, 2009

INSPIRATION # 7.... Pfeiffer Photos

This weeks inspiration writer is another one of my favourites. Her photography is so wonderful and the creativity and variety in her blog makes me a bit envious at times. The anticipation of what will be on her blog and then the discovery of such great features always is so much fun.

It's obvious how much passion she has for life! Please go visit her Etsy shop and her blog..she has an amazing following!

Go to her Etsy shop ...
Go visit her blog .....

Tina asked me to compile a few questions pertaining to this subject of inspiration and here are her responses 'in her own words'. Thank you so much, Tina!

When did you discover your interest and talent for photography?
Like many casual photographers, I’ve always enjoyed taking a camera along on a vacation or day trip. My interest in capturing images in a more artistic fashion blossomed when my husband, Chris and I became engaged. In 2004, we purchased our first digital camera and visited Walt Disney World. I spent a good deal of time photographing the architecture, especially at the EPCOT World Showcase. Unfortunately, I did not have experience with digital processing and I got a bit zealous with the crop tool in my editing software program. Most of the photos from that trip are too small now to even produce a decent 4 x 6 print. In the years since that trip we have graduated in levels with three more cameras, and acquired our first DSLR earlier this year. We’ve also taken a handful of photography classes, and I have spent uncountable hours learning how to edit with multiple programs—simple to more complex. Beyond editing, however, I understand now how to better use the functions built into the camera that make it possible for me to take a great shot from the get-go, and as a result spend far less time on the post processing work.

What is your favorite thing, place or gendre to photograph?
I have a wide field of interests and training in design which leads me to create compositions out of even things that may seem mundane. The bulk of our photo collection is focused on landscapes and scenic images. Chris and I have been exploring our home state of Oregon, and with so many beautiful natural areas to visit we are never lacking for subject matter in that genre. I have a strong interest in history and enjoy photographing places and things with historical connections. I am also a Disney fan and like to photograph our visits to the parks and resorts (which isn't as often as I'd like!) Due to experimenting more with Photoshop, I have started to try different styles of photography--HDR, Ttv and Lomography and plan to continue learning about other techniques as well.

Is photography your major focus?
Photography is my major focus at present. I have dabbled in other fine arts over the years including drawing, painting, collage and three dimensional design. I also enjoy writing, interior design, architecture, art history and music.

Who has been your biggest influence and encouragement for your photography?
I don’t believe I have been influenced to become a photographer. I love art, I created art in other forms, and now I create photographs as my art. The strongest encouragement in my pursuit to become a better photographer has been my husband, Chris. He was interested in photography before we met and has developed his interest since we discovered we both enjoy it. We are very different people with different interests and abilities so once we married we decided on photography as the hobby that we could share.

What or who inspires you?
I am strongly inspired by both nature and architecture—nature for the organic forms and architecture for its geometry and line. I realize these two subjects are very much in contrast but I find beauty in both and so I enjoy shooting both.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years--what dream or goal have you yet to fulfill?
In five years my plan is to have earned my BA in Art History from Portland State University and be exploring career possibilities. Right now I am not sure where that will lead me but I do know I want to do something creative, with meaning, and enjoy what I do everyday.

Who,if any, other photographer do you admire?
I admire the work of many famous photographers but I am also inspired and amazed by scores of amateur photographers. I have met dozens of these folks in the online community of Flickr, and enjoy following their work regularly via their photo streams.

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