Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Since we purchased this home about four and a half years ago, we periodically end up with a bat inside the house. OMG, I hate them! Very few things creep me out, but bats are on the top of my list.
We have sealed all around the space between the roof and the main house structure, we've put a mesh up and around the chimney and yet these ugly, nasty, dirty bats seem to find their way into our home each year. It's a single bat at a time, but for some reason they only appear late in the evening and for some reason, I seem to be the one to discover they're in the house again.
For the first time, I woke up this morning to all the doors being closed and that's a real big clue we have another bat! This was the first time my husband had the privilege of discovering one in the house.
All day we watched and searched for it and no luck locating it. My husband had gone to find something to trap it and kept it close by in case it appeared. WELL, about an hour ago, it suddenly appeared. I, at my computer and my husband in his easy chair and it decided to dive bomb us. They get frantic and then they just fly at a crazy speed helter skelter everywhere.
My husband has a system where he has a cardboard box and while they fly in crazy patterns he waits until the right moment and slams the box overtop of it and then slides a thin piece of wood under the box and escorts them outside. He doesn't kill them as they eat mosquitoes etc.
In the past, I've had them dive bomb my head and I can tell you that all grace goes out the window and I FREAK!
It's become the great mystery as to how they are getting in and we are no further ahead figuring it out. I REALLY, REALLY HATE BATS! UGH!!!
That's it! My husband has just got to stop everything and build some bat houses. We've been told they won't come in if they have these houses to go to....better work!

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cottoncolors said...

Oh my goodness, that would totally freak me out! We occasionally have mice in the winter and I can only imagine if they could fly! LOL.