Sunday, April 26, 2009

INSPIRATION # 9 ..................COTTON COLORS

I missed doing an inspiration piece this past Monday, so I'm going to do one today.

This is a wonderful Etsy artist and I'd suggest you take some time to visit both her shop and her own blog...
Here in her own words she tells of what inspires her...enjoy.

It’s hard to say exactly what I am inspired by. I notice color and pattern everywhere! From the orange, black and white of a butterfly’s wing to the multiple hues on each petal of the zinnias that bloom each summer outside my sunroom window, the right combination can take my breath away. I have a secret desire to be an artist and over the years, I have tried all kinds of art from watercolor to acrylic painting, but the fact is, I can’t paint.
But, my love of bright, vibrant color and pattern means I can create things using the textiles that I am always on the lookout for. I can never go anywhere, even on vacation, without checking out the fabrics that may be available. I know that quiet, subtle pastels and neutrals have their place in the world, but they don’t speak to me. I pass right by them without ever noticing and head straight for the bright oranges, cool aqua blues, chili pepper reds and mustard yellows in patterns and textures that I immediately visualize made up into something useful!
So, I guess you could say my inspiration comes from everyday life, and what a beautiful tapestry that is!

My favorite item is usually whatever I have just completed. But, overall, I think this bag I made for my daughter is my favorite. (photo included) She uses it constantly and that makes me happy!

Thank you, Mary .... I so appreciate your contribution to my 'inspiration series'.


cottoncolors said...

Maggie, your blog looks great! Thanks so much for the lovely feature!

Mr Lee said...

Oooh,your art works are absolutely fantastic!Loving handmade works.
Hope your all doing well.Look forward to further communicating with you.
And we invite you to our blog.Thank you.