Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This morning I attended my first Chamber 'Breakfast'. Members that can make it meet, have breakfast, introduce themselves and the business they have, and then there's a featured speaker. I had taken thirty business cards and ran out, so note to self to bring more the next time.
It's a great networking opportunity and this morning there was such an amazing cross section of businesses. I'm in the 'infant' stage of mine and still have SO much work to do. Since I had no idea what to expect this morning, I could have been better prepared but overall it went pretty well.
This coming Thursday I'll attend the Chambers' Newcomers Reception which will be great. This function pertains strictly to the new business members so will get the chance to see who else is an up and coming star.
The whole point in joining the Chamber of Commerce is to network, learn what's going on in my city that may or may not affect my business and for that matter personal life issues as well. For instance, I learned this morning that in the relatively near future the government of Ontario is going to require a mandatory house inspection for eco purposes. I'm not sure what will happen if one's home doesn't meet the new standards but I suspect one will be given a time frame to get any particular energy and environmental issues resolved. This one issue could affect many homeowners in the not too distant future.
The rest of today, aside from my one hour walk, I'm reading a lot of business material and trying to get some files set up...boring stuff but necessary.
As for my Etsy shops, they will take a back seat for a little while until I have my event planning business ready to launch officially. I need more hours in a day and days in a week. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment...no, make that a lot overwhelmed!


Envelope Printing said...

Chamber of Commerce events are must-attends. These are great ways to meet new people, socialize, build your connections, network, and get great ideas and inspiration. Good luck with your event planning business!

Marg Hamilton said...

Thank you...where are you located?