Friday, April 24, 2009


This day, five years ago, my Mom passed away very suddenly. She was 79 years old. Although, she had spent the majority of her life in a wheelchair, the end was very cruel. She died of blood poisoning due to negligence at the long term care home she was living. My Mom rarely let her disability keep her from doing many of the things she enjoyed. She developed osteoarthritis at the age of twenty seven and over the years her bones just kept deteriorating. She had five hip replacements in total. For as tough as it would get for her, she loved to have people for dinner, she loved to bake, she was an amazing sketch artist, an amazing poet and did some wonderful paintings. When we (my sister and brothers) were young, she dressed us impeccably, kept us so clean. I remember her washing shoe laces every night to have ready for the next day.
We didn't always get along and had some tough years, but we also had some wonderful times together, just the two of us. We loved to shop together and often would find something hilarious and laugh until tears were streaming down our cheeks.
As I've gotten older, I SO appreciate how difficult her life was and yet living with pain every single day, she kept going and did her absolute best! I miss her....lots!
I'm upset at our local paper. I called and booked to have a memoriam put in the paper, only to look today and realize the poem never went in today as was planned. I did buy flowers and go sit at her grave for about an hour. I know it's weird, but I talk to her and kind of feel her presence. Every now and then in my day to day life, I kind of get a feeling she's around. I can't really explain it.
Because it didn't get in the paper today, I'm adding it to this blog. Please appreciate every day you get with your loved ones.

This is for you MOM.....

God saw you getting tired
when a cure was not to be
He gently closed your eyes
and whispered come with me
You didn`t deserve what you
you went through and so
he gave you rest
God`s garden must be
beautiful for he only takes the best

She was so beautiful!!!!

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