Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This woman does wonderful little bears and burp cloths etc. for children and babies. They are colourful, whimsical and just plain cute and cuddly! She also does memory bears as well. She just recently had a baby herself so doesn't have quite the same amount of time. There are many of us that understand the baby and time issue very, very well! What is it they say? ... been there, done that!

Please go visit her shop at :


As per usual, I've cut and pasted her profile from her actual shop in order to use her own words. Here goes........

I have always found a lot of joy in creating bears for my children, nieces and nephews, and countless friend's children too. I am excited to be able to offer the loving comforts of a teddy bear to more people!

I am a Marine wife and stay at home mom with plenty to do. I also know it is important to fuel our hobbies, one of which is that I sew! I am happy to have an avenue where I can do more with my talents.

A few uplifting testimonials that make my day:

"I fell in love with her store from the very first moment. Sewing adorable bears in the most gorgeous of children's fabrics, I immediately requested her to create bears for my two little girls.
Why do I love camillam's store so much? She has amazing communication. She gives you exactly what you asked for and impresses you with her sewing skills. She puts her love into every single piece that she creates and it definitely shows. Camillam is an Etsian that I would recommend to anyone looking for wonderful, well-made, affordable gifts for their little ones."
Jessi (TwoSeasideBabes etsian artist)

"When the bear arrived yesterday I was so excited for them to open it. When they did they were so excited to see their new bear. They were hugging and kissing him. Then I told them that it was a special daddy bear that daddy put all his kisses in so that every time they kissed the bear they were receiving a kiss from their daddy. They suddenly became very attached to the bear taking turns, reluctantly, playing with it. The daddy bear gave them each a kiss good night and they agreed to take turns sleeping with it.

Outside of the fact that this is by far the best teddy bear I have ever purchased as far as quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service goes it also gave me back my sanity."
Emily (EllaBearBowtique etsian artist)

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