Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, I just heard from my cousins tonight that Haiti suffered a brutal 7.0 earthquake today and there is mass devastation everywhere.
My cousins husband was due to leave tomorrow to go in and prep for a complete medical team that was going to leave this Saturday to provide various types of medical and surgical care to the people of Haiti in the Goave mountain area.
There will now be even more need for donations, supplies both personal and medical. Last week, a large group of family and friends spent the day packing a variety of supplies to ship down.
This is such a sad and difficult situation! For those of us that are so blessed, please consider helping these little children, especially.

To find out about this non-profit charity that originates here in my hometown, please go to


As of right now, most of the phone lines are down, so it's very difficult to get updated on the status of the island and the people.

Seeds of Hope focuses on the mountain areas where the poverty is absolutely overwhelming!

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