Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, last night was the Peterborough 'Be a Goddess Night' for women only,held in the big Square downtown.
It was my first time to one of these events, but it's apparently been going on for around 7 years.
It's fun mixed in with a mini trade show of businesses owned and operated by women.
For example, many cosmetic companies featured, a chocolate business, a floral business, a couple of salons, a couple of spas, three different exclusive clothing stores, etc. etc. Each handed out information, some give-a-aways, some draws for product,a natural food company, and all run by women. It was quite impressive actually how many establishments are owned by women and there were many that donated or advertised that did not have tables set up.
Throughout the evening one of the local radio stations played wonderful upbeat music. There were blackjack tables, poker tables, roulette wheel etc. where you could play with paper money and get points to purchase something small.
There were Elvis impersonators mingling with the women and they were a lot of fun.
About six of the local restaurants made and provided wonderful hors'deurves which were served throughout the venues by our local police and our provincial police. The men were in their dress uniforms, wearing white gloves and very pleasant.
There were three different fashion shows at various times in the evening which featured clothing sold at the more upscale shops here in town.
There was a lot of tables with items on that were up for silent auction. I actually donated two framed photos of mine, but don't know as of this post what they ended up bringing in for the event.
There was also a photographer there(female) who was doing free photos of anyone that wanted a picture. I had done with my neighbour, Annie and then one done of myself alone. She will send out our pictures via email in .jpg form...can't wait to see it. If it's halfway decent, I'll change the one I have on facebook, etc.
My friend whom I've mentioned before,also named Marg was in the last fashion show as one of the models. Oh, if I could only afford the gorgeous pant outfit she modelled.....stunning!
At the end of the evening, Tina, who owns one of the major salons in town, and was the major organizer of this event, dressed up in really 'funky' clothes, put on a blonde wig, fishnet stockings, a gorgeous skirt, a black leather top and did a crazy dance routine to a Lady GaGa song .... hilarious!
All of the monies raised will go to the United Way of Peterborough.
All in all a really fun time. I will attend next year.

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