Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's so nice when some calm finally comes to one after days and days of busy tasks, and lots of stress.
I finally decided to pray about it and turn most of my 'issues' over to God to resolve for me. So, I've become more calm and I wait for some answers.
For the past three weeks I have a new favourite, favourite CD and I play it and play it and play it! It's Whitney Houston's new CD and there are two songs in particular that I SO identify with and make me feel good. The first song is 'I look to You' and the second is 'I didn't know my own strength'. LOVE these and I'm sure I'll wear my CD out playing it over and over while I'm driving.
I need to get myself an MP3 player and download the songs on to it so I can also listen over and over while I'm on the treadmill.
I talked to the Health and Fitness Club today and have decided to hire a personal trainer for one hour consultation. I can't afford to have one indefinitely, but, if I can get an assessment and then get the trainer to write me my own program to accomplish my goal for year end, I can then 'get on with it'!!!
I'm tired tonight as I did a two hour stint at the Club today after I'd run a few errands. I'm now at an incline of 3 and a speed of 3 on the treadmill.
Tomorrow I'll go again for about 45 minutes but will just do treadmill.
I am actually enjoying it so far even though I do get tired. I'm also meeting a few new people which is a bonus as well.
I'm sending out resumes to jobs posted on 'Service Canada' that I might qualify for and hope to get an opportunity be it full time or part time. I'm optimistic that something will break for me soon...again, something else I pray about.


Priscilla Mae et al said...

I finally figured out how to leave a comment. I enjoy reading your musings. It makes me laugh because I hear many of the same things in my head.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, thanks Meg! I hope we get to meet at some point. I know we'd connect for sure. Have a great weekend.