Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, I don't seem to be accomplishing everything on my daily lists, but I am getting some things done.
Yesterday, I spoke in depth with one of the personal trainers at the Fitness Center and once we had done an overview of my medical history and what I wanted to achieve as my goal, we agreed to meet on Tuesday morning. It's been mutually decided that I will sign on for 3 one hour sessions and a full assessment with a detailed program to follow.
It was interesting, as she asked me what my overall eating habits have been up until now. I'm definitely going to be a challenge for her and she a challenge for me. I explained that I almost never eat breakfast, with the exception being the Tuesday and Thursday family breakfasts. I can eat then as I've been up at least two hours by the time we all meet. No way can I eat when I first get up! If I do, and I've tried as recently as last week, I feel nauseous all day...weird, but true.
Today was especially bad as I didn't eat anything until 6:30 PM tonight. I just wasn't hungry and if I'm not hungry, I don't eat.
When I do cook a full meal, it's always quite balanced as far as nutritional requirements. I eat a wide variety of vegetables. The exception is okra...yuk! I'm not a huge seafood lover, either. I do eat shrimp, telapia, some crab, and of course halibut when I buy fish and chips. I eat a fair amount of chicken, a little red meat, some pork and occasionally, I'll eat some lamb(slowly acquiring a taste). I love pasta dishes and a couple of times per week, I'll cook more vegetarian.
I went to visit my friend that does the art flies today, did a bit of shopping for some birthday cards, went to visit my aunt in the hospital who broke her pelvis at 92 years old, got some groceries for my girlfriend's mother and took them to her, and then went to the Fitness Centre for about 45 minutes.
I came home and made some dinner....good!
I had purchased some chicken legs and thighs that were on sale really, really cheap today so roasted them and I plan to make some soup tomorrow with them.
Tomorrow I've been invited to my cousin's son's birthday get together. He'll be SO excited as I made him his very own chocolate pecan pie. It's his absolute favourite pie!
I think I'll go to bed early tonight and read for a bit and then get some full sleep. I didn't sleep very well last night. Tonight will be better, for sure!
My husband left this morning to travel to North Carolina to spend some time with our oldest daughter and her family. He's actually going to be gone eleven days. At the tail end of his trip, he'll spend a couple of days with our youngest daughter and her family in Princeton, NJ.
With that in mind, I hope to get a couple of major tasks completed while he's gone.

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