Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, I had my first night of cleaning theatres. My cousin and I cleaned four theatres and were finished around 3am.
It is back breaking work as you have this little broom and have to get in under every individual seat and sweep out the garbage, which could be popcorn people have dropped or some who just throw the bag on the floor whether it's full or not, empty yogurt containers, nacho and cheese trays, Skittles, Bridge mixture, napkins, gum just thrown on the floor or stuck to various areas of the seats.
I was incredulous at how disgustingly filthy and inconsiderate people are at these places. In all the years I've attended theatres myself, I've never left garbage on or under the seats! For goodness sakes people, there is a garbage pail right as you exit the theatre! Now that's the height of laziness and inconsideration! There are many, many cup containers still full of soft drink. Many, many bags of full popcorn!
Some people obviously have more money than brains. At the price of theatre refreshments, why would you purchase and then never eat or drink your items? Just amazing how sad the human condition and mentality is for a segment of the population! I would really hate to see how some of these people's homes look like! YUK!
My cousin and I worked non-stop and it took us three and one half hours to do the four theatres.
I must admit, you earn every penny of the $10.00/hour wage. It's a different work mentality than I'm used to for sure. The young kids they spend the time training quite often never come back, but also never bother to tell management they won't do it...they just don't show up.
You do that type of work and you realize quite quickly, that you're getting older and yet most of the crews are older and more reliable.
I will keep going until I find something else, but it is a very tiring job. My back certainly felt it and my feet.
I don't go in to work again until Sunday night and I'm bringing my camera to take some pictures......unbelievable!!!
In this life, you do what you have to do, right? I have to get some debt paid down and I WANT to purchase a high quality digital SLR camera....SO....I'm doing what I have to do!

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