Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, I've now done three or four more sessions at the Fitness Centre since I last posted here.
I know that I quite enjoy the treadmill. I am SO not ready to spend much time on the eliptical trainer(it could kill me!) I really enjoy the Zumba classes( 2nd one last night) although, I feel like I have two left feet at the moment. The trainer assures me I'll get it eventually. I wish I had the dancing talents of my two daughters at the moment.
Today, I did my first 'Gentle Aqua Fit' class and I must say I really, really enjoyed it! It is resistance training in very warm salt water. There is a number of these half hour sessions every day. I think I'll try to get to as many as possible. Once I'm comfortable with these, I'll move up to the 'Aqua Fit Yoga' classes.
I've discovered that my balance absolutely sucks. I used to be so good with balance, but definitely not so anymore! Wow, a lot of work ahead in that area!
What I do know, is I'm not giving up and I know for a fact that I have a long way to go. That's OK, as I'm determined to meet my goal by year end to be a size 10 and relatively in decent shape.
Somewhere, sometime this year, I also need to work on quitting smoking. That will be even tougher!
There are SO many things in my life that I have NO control over at the moment, so I've decided to work on things I do have some control over.
This year is for me!
I keep praying and I have faith that God will provide some much needed answers for my life!

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Deb M from Ohio said...

Great job on all the fitness Marg, hard work but well worth it! I have never heard you express a desire to quit smoking so I was very excited to see this as a goal for yourself this year also. It is tough but as a former smoker I know you can do it! It's been 22 years for Doc and I now and we're so glad we quit and you will be too!