Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This past few days has been hectic for many of us in the family. Each of us is dealing with different crises, and yet, we must be mindful of the devastation and true difficulties the people of Haiti are going through.
My cousins registered charity has been working diligently to collect donations to help out. They were at both our towns larger malls over the weekend and were so pleased with the generosity of the people of Peterborough and surrounding areas.
The government has pledged to match any and all donations from registered charities to help.
My cousin's son was in a car accident on the weekend, but he is now home and doing well. Just after the news of her son, her Mother(my aunt) fell and broke her pelvis. She is 92 years old. These are the same two people that run the Seeds of Hope charity. A lot on their plate and we(the family) are trying to help out where we can.
The good news today is that Tony, the man on the ground in Haiti, was evacuated out last night along with his Haitian wife and their baby. He has SO many sad stories to tell. The local news channel is holding a press conference with him this afternoon to let people know how bad it is and to inform them of where they plan to use the donations that have already been received. Tony says that once he has his wife and baby settled here, he plans to return to Haiti as soon as possible to help where he can. God bless the special people trying so hard to make things a bit better.
As is life, we are all going through various trials and tribulations, but we really need to get some perspective and be grateful!
When I went to family breakfast this morning, my father came after a few weeks of not coming(we are somewhat estranged) and he had brought my brother(again estranged) who has had so many opportunities and yet at almost fifty years old has nothing, is doing nothing and looks very, very poorly. He's lost over fifty pounds since I last saw him. What a sad, yet avoidable situation! I really struggle with having compassion or sympathy for him as he's had SO many chances. Yet, I can't wish him any ill and really hope before his life comes to an end, he finds some inner peace with the many demons he seems to fight.

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