Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, this morning I got two photos framed, wired etc to donate to a women's event coming up on January 27th. They needed to be gift wrapped, so I put them in really pretty gift bags with nice tissue paper. The organizer wanted me to include on a removable sticker the value of each and a short bio of myself. I dropped them off at her salon. She runs a hair and beauty salon called 'Fandango'. Tina(the owner and organizer of the event) was absolutely thrilled with both photos. She actually said she wants to see more of my work and may want to buy a couple for herself(Yeah!!)
I then met a friend at the Magic Rolling Pin (tea room) for lunch. This friend and I have the same name and have discovered we also have many things in common. Her and her husband own a very large portion of the farm land in the area. Her husband sells mostly hay and grains all over the USA and Canada. We've only begun to really get to know each other and both of us have concluded this is the beginning of a new and great friendship. She does an amazing amount of volunteer work. She also attends the church I plan to go to this Sunday. We will definitely spend even more time together as life goes on.
Afterward, I went to the Sport Centre to do an hours workout. I am telling you that the eliptical machine may just do me in! I only did fifteen minutes again and my legs were shaking so bad. I then did 45 minutes on the treadmill. My heart rate is right on target, but I'm only doing about an 17 or 18 minute mile. My goal is to get to a 10 minute mile....lots of work ahead.
I begin the first night of my part time job tonight. Being a night hawk, I'm hoping that I'll be OK working those particular hours. I guess I'll find out tonight!
When I get home around 5 am. I'll sleep for a bit and then I think I'll go in and do the 'gentle aqua fit'. My muscles will be ready, I'm sure!

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