Saturday, January 16, 2010


This Etsy shop is SO great! For the parents and grandparents out there that are looking for a birthday gift or just a special gift for a child, these are such a great idea! What a neat travel companion for the children in your lives!

This is a family craft that is now carried on by the next generation.

In her own words I've copied her story:

The story behind this hand-crafted wooden Art Box is Irma's beloved late grandfather who made her first ever Art Box as her 12th birthday gift. In remembrance of him, Irma decided to bring back her favorite childhood treasure! With the help of her 'art-chitect" husband Jeff, they perfected the Art Box design.

"The best kind of entertainment in life is your own creativity!" ~ artist's Grandpa Tan

ART BOX is recommended for crafters, college students, creative peeps, school-age children (not toddlers).

Our new Art Box makes creativity on-the-go easy, functional and fun! Kids can easily doodle, play games, draw, write and create right on their Art Box. Because it’s portable, kids can use their Art Box for creative fun while riding in the car, or anytime busy hands need something to do-like in a restaurant or waiting at the Doctor’s office.

For adults, our Art Box creates a perfect organization solution for use as a reminder board, to jot messages, lists and more. Inside, store pens, personal belongings, keys, or use for craft or scrap booking supplies.

As seen in ETSY GIFT GUIDE "STORAGE SOLUTION" -- ART BOX is your best choice for starting a smart living & an organized working space; giving a fresh look to your studio, dorm or home office as well as unique scholastic inspiration for gift giving or a present for yourself to keep...

Our wooden Art Box design has a magnetic white dry-erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other, which slides open to reveal easy storage inside for art supplies or personal items. Personalize it with your name or vibrant colors wood artwork design to make it your own. WRITING KITS INCLUDED

Please go visit her Etsy shop ...

I know we just got over Christmas, but this would make a great Christmas gift!

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